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Apple Tree Infotech is one of the leading Software Development and Web solution Company which offers numerous services such as software development, Website Development, ECommerce Development, MLM Software Development, website maintenance, Web Hosting, Domain Name Registration, Email and Web Mail Facilities, Website Statistics, unique Logo design, corporate identities, SEO and Content Management Systems at rational cost across the globe.

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Popular Training Courses

Java Development Training Course

Java used for

  • Desktop GUI Applications
  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Server App
DotNET Development Training Course

.NET used for

  • Desktop GUI Applications
  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Server App
PHP Development Training Course

PHP used for

PHP can actually do anything related to server-side scripting or more popularly known as the backend of a website.

Python Development Training Course

Python used for

  • Data Science:Analytics & Visulization
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Software Development
  • Web App
  • Website Development
  • Gaming Design
Digital Marketing Training Course

Digital Marketing used for

  • Online Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Web-Based Advertising
  • SEO Website Promotion
C and C++ Programming Training Course

C/C++ used for

  • Developing Browsers
  • Operating System
  • Applications
  • Game Programming
  • Data Structures
  • Software Engineering
Android Development Training Course

Android used for

Android is used for App Developments.

Web Designing Training Course

Web Designing used for

Web designing used to be focused on designing websites for desktop browsers.

Adobe Illustrator Training Course

Adobe Illustrator used for

  • Logo Design
  • Vector Graphics
  • Motion Graphics
  • Graphics Design
  • Character Design
  • User Experience Design
Adobe Photoshop Training Course

Adobe Photoshop used for

  • Editing Photograph
  • Compositing Digital Art
  • Animating
  • Graphic Design
  • Raster Image Editing
  • 3D Artwork
Adobe Animate Training Course

Adobe Animate used for

  • 2D Digital Animation
  • Animation Of Television Series
  • Online Animation
  • Websites
  • Game Development
  • Video Embedding
Advanced Microsoft Excel Training Course

Advanced Microsoft Excel

  • Graphs
  • Tables
  • Spreadsheet Efficiently
  • Calculations
  • Large Volume Of Data
  • Data Analytics
AngularJS Training Course

AngularJS used for

AngularJS is a structural framework for dynamic web apps.

NodeJS Training Course

NodeJS used for

  • Chat Applications
  • Command-line Applications
  • Browser Games
ReactJS Training Course

ReactJS used for

  • Plugging React Into a Website
  • Creating a Fully-Fledged React App
Data Science Training Course

Data Science used for

  • Machine Learning
  • Data Mining
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Security
  • Information Engineering
  • Computing
Machine Learning Training Course

Machine Learning used for

  • Image Recognition
  • Voice Recognition
  • Social Media Platform
  • Spam and Malware
  • Customer Support
  • Search Engine
SAP FICO Training Course

SAP FICO used for

  • Financial Accounting
  • Controlling
SAP ABAP Training Course

SAP ABAP used for

ABAP is a programming language developed by SAP for the development of business applications in the SAP environment.

Artificial Intelligence Training Course

Artificial Intelligence used for

  • Online shopping and Advertising
  • Web search
  • Digital Personal Assistants
  • Machine Translations
  • Smart Homes, Cities and Infrastructure
  • Cybersecurity
Tally ERP 9 Training Course

Tally ERP 9 used for

ERP 9 is one of the most popular accounting software used in India. It is complete enterprise software for small & medium enterprises.

E-Commerce Training Course

E-Commerce used for

  • Technology Based
  • Conducting Business Electronically
  • World Wide Web
  • Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Online Shopping
  • Electronic Mail
Domain And Hosting Training Course

Domain And Hosting used for

Web hosts store content, like a website, on internet servers. Domain hosts provide domain names, which are the addresses that help visitors access website content.

Advanced SQL for Data Analytics Training Course

Advanced SQL used for

Advanced SQL skills often used for distributing information across multiple stores, efficiently querying and combining that data for specific analytic purposes.


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O-level and CCC Training Course

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